Thanks for getting in touch! We're Rob and Julia Campbell; a Victoria-based photo team who loves creating story-driven, candid, full-of-love photos for families who want more than the average, traditional photography session.

In our fifteen+ years as photographers we’ve learned some things: families grow and change in a blink, you deserve to be seen for the unique and devoted parent(s) that you are, and you have to consciously make time for documenting the things that matter most in life.

The most common thing we hear from our clients is that they want to book a session to remember their family in this stage of life. We couldn't agree more!



Mini sessions are a short (20 mins), fun, fast-paced photoshoot focused on your group (Don’t expect to get individual shots of everyone in a family - we'll focus more on the group and anything else is bonus :)
We'll provide a web gallery & download of a minimum of 15+ edited images.


Couples, pets, headshots, families... Anyone! Feel free to use your 20 minutes for whatever you like!


One of our favorite outdoor, naturey spots. We'll let you know the exact location a few days before the shoot. We want to wait to pick the perfect spot based on light / weather/ and what's looking great that week!


Sunday October 22nd (Please hold October 29th as a weather-back-up day).


This is a quick and easy way to capture your family (or whoever) without breaking the bank.

If you’d like a slower-paced, full-on family photo session please email us about that!


$275 + GST


Click the link below to pay for and choose your timeslot. Be sure to mark off your calendar for the same time on October 29th in case the weather forces us to postpone.


Getting a great shot of you and your people works best when everyone is totally comfortable, curious, and present.

What about the kids? Some tips for preparing small humans for family portraits:

🌿 Plan to go out for a treat or a coffee before your session so that you have time to get into a relaxed, connected headspace before your shoot. It's also a good idea to be at our meeting spot five or ten minutes early so that no one is stressed.

🌿 Bring a few of their favourite things; we can incorporate a stuffed animal friend or a treasured red truck, on camera or off.

🌿 Any songs that they love singing? Bring a song along that gets them going, and we can use our speaker to get some natural smiles.

🌿 Make sure they’re wearing something they feel comfy in and can move freely in. Might be hard to get a smile if their newly pressed pants are unfamiliar or they’re wearing a hat that’s sooo cute but feels weird to them. Bring a few options in case.

🌿 Come to hang out and enjoy, and leave the nerves at the door. The way we capture these honest moments has a lot to do with us all enjoying each other’s company.


We're so honoured that you've chosen us to take your photos. We promise to take portraits that are honest, alive, expressive, fun, and capture exactly what makes each person in your house special...And to have a bit of fun while we're at it!