We’ve checked in with past clients 10 years after their photos were taken and asked them which images mean the most to them now. Consistently, they refer to photos that document real, rather than posed moments. This knowledge informs our approach in every way. We work hard to find and capture honest moments, to encourage people to connect - all while having a ton of fun.



We’re passionate about making photos that won’t make you cringe in a few years. We love capturing all the emotions, but only when they actually happen! We’ve learned that if a photographer poses a couple looking intensely into the distance, that couple probably won’t connect with that photo one day… because the intensity in their expression wasn’t real. We work hard to get you feeling comfortable and in the moment, so you can experience all the emotions. And then, hopefully without you even noticing it, we’ll take some photos.

At a wedding, we aim to move through the day without intruding on or manipulating moments. There’s always so much going on, so we’ll take the photos you know you’ll want, along with the ones you might not even realize you want. Weddings race by so fast - we’ll capture all the important moments so you can be present in them.

We shy away from photo trends. It’s hard to feel the emotion in a photo that has been over-processed or over-styled, especially in the future, when these trends go out of style. Our image galleries are curated and processed in a film-influenced mixture of colour and black & white. They’re edited in a way that won’t distract from the story and emotion they are meant to convey.


Love shared between two people is an undeniable beauty, and we’re passionate about preserving these significant moments in an honest way. We believe in the value of posterity, and of pausing to take a breath and document the now.

At the start of our photo career, we experienced sudden and tragic loss. That experience shaped our priorities and our philosophy. We learned how short life is, how much family matters, and how important photographs are once the people in them are gone. We want you to have great photos of the people you love so that you can see them more clearly as they are now, and eventually when they’re gone.


So, we’re saying that in order for us to make great photos, you have to be comfortable. Isn’t that a contradiction? Having multiple cameras within a meter of your face is the opposite of comfortable! Let us humbly assure you that we have worked with all kinds of people…some who’ve warned us ahead of time that they are incredibly uncomfortable in front of a camera. We hope when you look through our portfolio, you see that we’ve gotten pretty good at putting people at ease.

By the time we start making pictures of you we'll know each other better, be comfortable together & you'll trust us enough to be yourselves despite having our cameras in your face. Out of that, we'll be able to capture so many of the interactions and mannerisms that only you sgare, and that you might not even notice you have! Of course, if you're anything like us, you still might find this whole photo taking thing a bit awkward, and in that case we have lots of ways to make you more comfortable. We might ask you a question about each other, and ask you to answer it aloud and then see what your reactions are when you are right - or way off base! We won’t force you into contrived or unnatural poses. You’ll have the space to be yourselves, and we’ll only ever guide you if you need a little help to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Clients often tell us after a shoot that they were surprised they had a good time, and that they left feeling relaxed and encouraged.