tips for planning a fall wedding in bc

We love an autumn wedding. Over the past 10 years of shooting weddings in Victoria and around British Columbia, we’ve noticed something especially magical about weddings that happen as the leaves change, the air gets a bit more fresh, and the foliage around these parts gets even more stunningly beautiful. There’s a special kind of energy around an autumn wedding when change is in the air and everyone feels just a bit more snuggly. As wedding photographers, we’re also fans of the light and changing weather elements that add movement and a bit of drama to wedding portraits. Planning a wedding at any time of year in British Columbia benefits from a photography-duo like us, but we think our advice about nailing your September-November nuptials in B.C. will go a long way to making your day dreamy. Here are some fall wedding tips for B.C. weddings.

Fall wedding planning in Victoria BC? Start here

Before you launch into choosing a venue or setting your dates, begin with a bit of research. Getting a big-picture of your plans will let you set your vision before you dive into details.

How will British Columbia fall weather affect your wedding?

Take a look at the monthly estimates for the dates you’re looking at and picture how the weather might affect your plans. Always prepare for anomalies. September averages just 5 days of rain, while October is closer to 10 in B.C. A foggy, rainy, or windy wedding can be just as lovely – if you’re prepared with the right shelter, clothes, and gameplan.

Get to know the weather estimates for your area and consider how the following pieces could be affected by the elements:

  • Your dream venue: Is it outside? How cold does it get at night, and will you need an indoor heated option? Is there a risk of flooding, mud, or icy patches in late fall?
  • Ask the venue how they prepare for these factors.
  • The natural world: the beauty in B.C. is breathtaking, and changing fall leaves or a misty ocean view might be a gorgeous backdrop. Consider how nature fits into your ceremony, celebration, and your photos (we can help with that part!)
  • What will you be wearing? Consider adding a cape, jacket, hat, or long-sleeve option to your wedding look that matches the weather. Consider adding cozy blankets for guests to your reception.
  • Ask us about our fall wedding guide. Every couple we work with gets a holistic guide that walks you through looking great in your photos, planning for surprises, and tips like bringing extra umbrellas or preparing for a bit of early snow.

Make the autumn weather part of your wedding’s charm

Whether it’s a bit of ivy in your bouquet, russet tones in your bridesmaid dresses, a backdrop of golden trees or a farm-wedding complete with puddle boots for guests, have fun with the season and work it into your theme. Ask your wedding planner about venues that shine in the fall, and for fall inspiration that works the natural beauty of B.C. into your wedding. Think about natural wood elements like big farmhouse doors, a ceremony trellis decked out in rosemary and autumn pine, or cozy add-ons to dinner like Grandma’s famous stew or hot apple cider (spiked or not, it’s up to you).

Consider the financial benefits of an off-season wedding

Got flexible dates? You might be eligible for some delightful wedding savings. If you’re weighing the difference of a September vs. a late October wedding, think about local venues and ask your planner and local hotels about how their rate packages change in the tourism off-months. 

While August might be booming for a charming Victoria Bed & Breakfast, the same spot might be open to a discounted wedding package for family and friends in November when traffic is slower. You may find the same story with venues or affordable flights for family and friends coming from out of town. 

How will an autumn schedule affect you and your guests?

Track holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Halloween and consider how they’ll affect the schedules of your guests and your planning. If you have family coming in from the U.S. or other countries, take a peek at their local holidays. If you book your wedding on American Thanksgiving, flights might be pricey for families or friends coming in through the states.

Timing is imperative when it comes to families with kids or people with full-time work. Touch base with loved ones to consider how different people might have availability in September (when kids head back to school and schedules get busier) compared to October or November. Take a look at special events in Victoria and B.C. holidays to make sure your venue isn’t right in the path of a big bike race, marathon, or parade that could affect traffic. Wedding planners are great about catching things like this as well.

The best Victoria, BC wedding vendors

The most gorgeous fall weddings employ wedding vendors who care about their work, are enthusiastic about celebrating love in all its forms, and adapt to the unique aesthetic of your ideal day. After over a decade in the business, we’ve put together a master list of our tried-and-tested wedding go-to’s for Greater Victoria and British Columbia. They’re nice to work with and great at what they do.

Follow this link for a full list of some of our favourite Greater Victoria wedding resources. From beachside dining, flawless event planning and wineries, to wedding singers, size-inclusive bridal wear, stunning florals and our favourite officiants, enjoy and capture each moment with some of our favourite B.C. wedding vendors. 

Thinking about a fall wedding?

Send us a message to set up a phone call, and let’s talk about your autumn wedding. Want to look gorgeous in your wedding photos? We specialize in un-awkward-ing the process. Check out this blog for inspiration. Explore our gallery for inspiration and year-round B.C. weddings that might inspire your own.