our super-helpful client guide...


With 7 billion people in the world, you've found someone to share this life with. That is so worth celebrating!

Congrats to you for getting engaged & for deciding to enter this crazy life called marriage! We've only been here for a bit but you guys... it's so good. Yes, like anything of value, it takes some elbow grease; but we gladly roll up our sleeves together each day as we grow together. We highly recommend marriage :) Please let us take a moment to pause and say a big, genuine thank you - for liking our work enough to email us & for taking the time to find out what we're about. Whatever it is about what we do that brought you to us we're so honoured and we can't wait to hear more about your story; what brought you together and what makes you tick! This Client Guide will hopefully answer some questions you might have, while letting you know more about us and how we approach what we do. Enjoy!


about us

Ameris is Rob and Julia Campbell. We've been married for just over a decade; we've had three kids & some great adventures. Quick facts: Rob loves plain t-shirts, leftovers, surfing, & hopping into the lake the minute it's warm enough outside. He's currently enjoying the music of:  Jon Foreman, Arcade Fire, and Springsteen. Julia loves: a good sugar fix at 3pm, This Is Us, Ben & Jerry's, travelling, & as many cuddles as her babies will give out in a day. Our girls, Sienna & Kate, are only 14 months apart and they're at their best in the outdoors traipsing about in the mud. They love to wrestle and then dress up like princesses - we think they're awesome. They have already taught us so much about life, love and laughter. A couple of years after we had Kate, Shepherd joined us. He loves anything with wheels, and would be content to eat red peppers exclusively. So far, we're pretty happy under the same roof; everyday doing our best to soak up the short time we get to share together.

We believe that life is a story and it's all heading somewhere. It's painful and beautiful; elegant and awkward; random and poetic. Most importantly, in all its forms, life is full of meaning. So, if life is a story, that makes us storytellers. We've learned that the best stories and the most meaning come from human relationships. Instead of trying to perfectly pose people to look a certain way, we try to capture people's real-life interactions and emotions. We work hard to find and document these honest moments, to provide context (details, landscapes, etc.), and to encourage people to connect - all while having a ton of fun. We hope you get a sense of this as you look at our images.



~ An online gallery of your images
~ High res edited images supplied electronically
~ Two photographers (except receptions)



12 hours of coverage

600-800 images


9 hours of coverage

500-700 images


6 hours of coverage

300-500 images


4 hours of coverage

250-400 images


(JUN 15 - SEPT 15)











~ Taxes are not included
~ Additional time on the wedding day is $300 per hour
~ If you wish to hire one photographer instead of two, you may subtract $500 from any package
~ Ameris is based out of Victoria, BC.

~ Weddings on the Lower Mainland are an additional $800.
~ Where flight is required, both photographers flights (from Victoria) & two nights accommodation must be provided in addition to package prices.

So, what do we get?

A couple months after your wedding, we'll provide you with the most lovely date night you can imagine. We'll send you an email with a link to your PASS gallery (a Pinterest style web gallery that allows you to print and share your photos super easily), and you can settle in together with a cozy drink, your favourite music and relive the story of the day you committed yourselves to each other for life! The contract we share allows us four months (max) to supply you the images, but we usually aim to deliver in half that time.

PASS has a function that allows you to download all your images right onto your computer. You may also print via Pass, which will send your images straight to our favourite printer and then to your doorstep, but if you'd rather, you can download the files and take them to your favourite printer.

All of the photos you end up with will be edited in the same style you've seen in our online portfolio. We'll sort them down a bit and get rid of the ones that are near duplicates or unflattering to the subject. Depending on how many hours you've booked us for, you'll end up with between 250 & 900 edited pictures of your day. We don't supply the raw, unedited images (or the ones that didn't make the cut).


~ 90 minutes of shooting time
~ An online gallery of your images (10 years)
~ A download of 50-100 high res edited images (via your PASS gallery)
~ There are no additional travel fees for engagement sessions on the Lower Mainland, we just ask that you be a bit flexible with the timing.


~ 12" X 12" - 40-50 pages
~ Client input before order is placed
~ Image wrap or leather cover options


a few things you might be wondering...


how do we book you?

Booking is easy. Just let us know which package you feel is the best fit for your day, and we'll send you a contract and an invoice. Once we have your signed contract and a 50% deposit, we'll officially hold your date! A lot of couples are unsure which package to get since the date is often so far away and it's hard to know exactly how many hours of coverage you'll need. We get that, so we suggest that you just guess for now. As your date gets closer, you're more than welcome to upgrade or downgrade up to even a week prior to your big day. We'll just adjust your final invoice.

Payment methods:
We accept payment by Interac money transfer or cheque. Please email your money transfer to [email protected] or, if you're more comfortable, mail your cheque to us at:
4153 North Rd.
Victoria, BC
V8Z 5H9

Unfortunately, we can't accept payment by credit card. This is fairly standard among wedding photographers as the fees associated with credit card payments are simply too high considering the limited number of transactions we do in a year.


where should we go for pictures?

Choosing a location starts with you. Part of being honest storytellers means we want to capture you and your life as it is right now. The backdrop to your photos could be some place that is special to you, where you love to be, or just a place where you find beauty. Where is home to you? A park, a coffee shop, your house? Maybe it's the top of a mountain, the street you met your love on, or the creek behind your old high school. Wherever the story is, or wherever you feel the most at peace... that's where we want to go. We get that maybe nothing comes to mind & that's OK. We hope to show you that even simple settings can be beautiful and that capturing a slice of real life will hold WAY more value down the road than going to a random beach you've never even heard of to take pictures. You'll see :) With that said, we get that maybe nothing comes to mind & we're happy to shoot out a few ideas if you're stuck. We've usually got a few spots we're itching to explore.


when is the best time to shoot?

The best time of day to shoot is usually in the hour or two just before the sun goes down. We love the soft light that accompanies this time of day. Those last sun rays can make landscapes come alive and even open up the human heart to experience wonder and peace. Ok, that might have sounded a bit over-the-top but there is a reason it's called the "glory light"!

If you're curious exactly what time this might be on any given day, just search for a sunset calendar online.

If you're trying to plan ahead for your wedding day, we realize that this won't always correspond with your reception. No worries. We can make any time of day work.


how do you pose people?

We're hoping that by the time we start making pictures of you and your love together we'll know each other better, be comfortable together & that you'll trust us enough to be yourselves with each other despite having our cameras in your face. Out of that, we'll be able to capture so many of the interactions and mannerisms that only the two of you share, and that you might not even notice you have! Of course, if you're anything like me, you might find this whole photo taking thing a bit awkward anyway, and in that case we have lots of ways to make you more comfortable. We might ask you a question about your love, and ask you to answer it aloud and then see what your reactions are when you are right - or way off base! Overall, we hope to capture real people connecting. We always have a good time and hope that people will come away feeling relaxed and encouraged.


what should we wear?

Whatever you're comfortable in! We're astounded that some people feel the most like themselves in 4 inch heels! Others feel their best in flip flops. Whatever you choose is YOU...and that's what we're after! A couple of small suggestions, though: please, no prominent logos (sorry, you'll have to put away your favourite Gap hoodie for one afternoon : ) Also, please don't come wearing the exact same thing as each other, only because we want you to look back at your photos in 15 years and remember yourselves the way you truly were! Unless you both usually wear matching outfits - then go for it!


getting ready

We can make anything work, but if it makes no difference to you, we suggest picking a well-lit space to get ready in (window light works great). For some people, getting in your wedding attire is a really important part of the day; you might like this to happen with your bridesmaids (or groomsmen), or with a parent, or both. Just make sure people know what you are hoping for so there is no tension or confusion on the day of.

We just use one car when we shoot a wedding, so depending on where you are getting ready & then married, you might need to factor in one seat in your car for the bride's photographer - just for the ride to the ceremony.


wedding day timeline

First and foremost, we're present on your wedding day to document all the little stories that make up the big, beautiful story of your big day. This means we are observers of all the chaos and beauty that will ensue! Chaos and beauty need no timeline...we just want to make photos of what's happening - we don't want to dictate what happens! With that said, we get it - you kinda need an idea of how much time we need to capture all of the important elements of your day! So, here's a breakdown of what we typically cover, and how long it can take. Please note that this does not include driving time.

Getting Ready

1-2 hours

First Look

15 minutes (if applicable)

Family Session

30 minutes

Bridal Party

45 minutes (this includes bride w/bridesmaids in a group & each bridesmaid individually, groom w/groomsmen in a group and each groomsmen individually, as well as photos of your entire wetting party)

Bridal Couple

45 mins (we try to steal you away from the reception at sunset/dusk, so this block of time can be split up)

Altogether the photo time takes about 2-2.5 hours. We can do it in less, but just remember that the more time you give us and the less you are stressed about time, the better your pictures will be and the more you will enjoy your wedding day. Everything is far more fluid than this timeline suggests; it's just meant to give you an idea of how much time we typically use. If you have a videographer that needs time with you during the shoot, please add that to your timeline.

If you don't have very much time scheduled between the ceremony and reception here are a few recommendations:

  1. Consider doing your photo shoot before the ceremony. This may not fit in with your childhood dreams, but trust us, we always make a point of making your first look at each other both intimate and beautiful.
  2. Plan on being a bit late for your reception. It's important not to plan dinner for right when the reception starts. That way if you are 30-40 minutes late the caterers won't be angry.
  3. Plan to do all of your photos in one location, either at or very near to your ceremony or reception venue.


If the weather is wet or cold on your wedding day, your photos will turn out best if you're alright with both being cold and getting your dress a little dirty. Of course, if you don't want to experience either of those things, it's totally fine; we'll work around it. Please plan ahead by bringing coats, boots, etc. We have enough umbrellas for your entire wedding party, as well as a white sheet we lay down for the bride to sit on. If rain is in the forecast, we'll figure out an indoor location during the week before your wedding. If you have any ideas, we'd love to hear them, as we only have so many connections to unique indoor locations.

Please remember to bring comfortable shoes. We might trek down to the beach or up a hill; flip flops are such a lifesaver during those times. Also, if there's a long stretch from breakfast until dinner, it's a great idea to pack some sandwiches/snacks and some water. We've seen bridesmaids pass out on the stage after a long day in the heat, because of too little food & water!


There are lots of tricky little ways to make sure that as many of your reception events as possible take place within the number of hours we're hired for. A few ideas we've seen work well: some couples ride the high of their grand entrance into the reception and move right into their first dance. We've seen bouquet tosses take place to kick off the dancing (rather than at the end).

Like it says on the price list, don't forget that you have one photographer for your reception (unless you have booked a photo booth). This will always be Rob. Please don't forget that we don't take breaks, so his legs might be tired and his tummy a little rumbly. Please remember to have a seat and a meal for him :) If you've booked a photo booth, please provide a meal for both photographers (most caterers include meals for the vendors in their price - you typically should not have to pay additionally for our plates).


kind words

Here's an email from Matt & Amy that made us smile. We love it when people appreciate some of the ordinary, behind-the-scenes or offbeat images as well as the portraits of themselves. Sometimes it's the little random images that really tell the story. These words meant a lot to us:

We cannot thank you enough for the job that you two did for our wedding photos. There are just too many things to thank you for, especially now that we have seen the product of all your hard work. It is simply amazing. The photos are breath-takingly good and are such a great reminder of all the lovely little moments we had throughout our wedding day. Even the day after the wedding, everyone commented as to how good you both were, and how you were everywhere all at once, and yet never in the way or out of line. You had everyone feeling very calm and relaxed, and took control as needed. You were worth the price of admission just for your work on the day.....but then you give us these photos?!!??! It's too much, really.

We expected to receive really great, frameable shots, which could (and probably already do) fit over our mothers' mantles. But all of the candid, unexpected shots truly transform the album of photos we received from a collection of poses of the major parties involved into an almost-moving book telling the story of our day. We loved the photos of the people ducking and running through the portraits - as if they think they are somehow out of frame by crouching slightly, hahah. It makes the whole thing come alive - and brings the memories back even more forcefully. We had nearly forgotten about the guy who lost his onion to a seagull, the harbour taxi full of well-wishers, the young man looking for a picture with Amy, and some of the other little moments.

We really loved how you captured some brilliant pictures of two of the most impossible photo subjects in our families (we won't tell you who), but there are some notorious bad smilers - and somehow (maybe you could tell us how) you have perfect grins in each photo in which they appear. I think that is a difference maker in terms of why these photos will be go-to pictures for us for a very long time. Now, we get to see these people as we normally see them in life, and not in pics with those terrible Chandler-esque smiles (if you catch the Friends reference).

I could go on, but I would end up commenting on every single photo. We love them. Our parents love them. Our friends love them.

If you didn't already gather the sentiment - thank you. Thank you for these lovely photos.