Ameris is Rob and Julia Campbell. We've been married for around a decade; we've had three kids & some great adventures. We believe that life is a story and we're all heading somewhere. It's painful and beautiful; elegant and awkward; random and poetic. Most importantly, in all its forms, life is full of meaning. It has to be. We believe that capturing this meaning is what we're here for. We photograph people because life matters, because we love finding the beauty and truth in the ordinary, and because we really, really enjoy it. That's how we approach making pictures. We work hard to find and capture honest moments, to encourage people to connect - all while having a ton of fun. We hope you will get a sense of this as you look at our images. If you're getting married and you're interested in our work we'd love to hear from you. Please fill out our handy contact form below.

For information on any other type of photo session, feel free to email us directly, call us at (1) 778 430 3341, or say hi on our facebook page. For more of Rob's work, go here.

P.S. Many people ask us how to pronounce 'Ameris'...we say it like 'America'...