Kiyomi & Tim are from New Zealand & they are delightful. Kiyomi grew up in Canada, but is only slightly easier to understand than Tim after spending the last decade or so over there. They chose to get married at the Alders because Kiyomi grew up spending summers there with her family. I'm sure a child's wedding would be emotional enough as a parent, but good luck at this one Mom. Watching your girl walk down the aisle while picturing her at 5 playing on the sandy beach right behind - even I got teary. We knew their wedding would be special, but it was so much more than that. I hope the photos will do a better job of explaining what I mean...

Before the wedding Kiyomi asked us if we could do a bit of a stop motion something or other on the big day. It was fun to have an extra challenge and I just love how it came together. Watch the video below if you have a few extra minutes to spare.

Spending the day at the Alders, breathing in the ocean air & getting to know these lovely people certainly didn't feel like work. So to receive an email like this afterward makes us love our jobs even more: 

Hi Rob & Julia.

We received the photos and we are so so happy. Words here can't really do the images enough justice. 

All we can say is you two are photographic geniuses who captured our day perfectly. 

Thank you so much for all your efforts on the day, we loved having you there and we loved sharing our special day with you. To us you certainly felt like friends at the wedding rather than vendors, and that says a lot about how you approach and deliver your brand. We both keep looking at the photos and saying "I didn't even see Julia and Rob there, how did they get that photo!" You guys were silent assassins with your cameras! When we said geniuses above, we really meant it, there's so many little things that you guys did throughout the images that captured the moment. And the video...brilliant. Loved it. In the barn. Walking through the hay...amazing. 

So thank you for everything. Including all the hard work AFTER the wedding. Downloading, culling, cropping, comparing, editing, adjusting...........

We so hope that we see you again, as we do truly consider you friends. 

Group hug? Go on then. group hug!  

Tim & Kiyomi.