It seemed like everything that could go wrong went wrong on Gen & Josh's wedding day. A groomsman's tux had to be flown in from Vancouver - only to not make it in time for the ceremony. Someone forgot to pick up lunch so the wedding party was h-angry until dinner. I'm not sure I've ever seen so much rain fall at once and for such a short period of time - right during the vows. I don't think it rained at any other time that day except right during the ceremony (which ended early with Gen & Josh running away from the alter). And then, after all the guests had left the couple with us at Starling Lane so that we could get a few more shots before heading to the reception venue, car issues forced the four of us to call a cab. It was a chaotic day, but also one of the highlights of our summer because Gen & Josh handled all of it with so much grace. Nothing could get them down and instead of blaming anyone for the blunders they told us instead how they felt bad for giving people too much to do, as that must have been why things had gone wrong. If a wedding day is a microcosm of married life, these two have proved that marriage is gonna be easy.  

These two were so fun to get to know, so we were honoured to hear that the feeling was mutual. Here's the email Gen sent right after they received their images: 

Dear Rob and Julia,

Thank you SO SO SO SOOOOO MUCH for these beautiful and fun photos.  What a wonderful surprise to get them so soon.  We really enjoyed spending the day with you and love love LOVE the photos.  I'm certain you get this all the time, but you really are such an amazing team.  You take beautifully candid photos that make me hold my breath. I can see why you are repeatedly one of Canada's Most Inspiring Photographers.  The spirit of the day, all the little details, the love, laughter, not to mention the drunkenness and the RAIN! were all captured so perfectly. I love that we ended up with some great photos of us in the taxi :) And I love the photo of the McDonald's coffee cup at my seat.  And my photo with Julia standing in the doorway of the bridal cottage is actually one of my favourites. I love that you included photos of yourselves in the mix. Josh and I spent an evening going through them all and can't wait to share them with our family and friends.

We only plan to get married once, but I do hope we have some reason to meet again in the future :)  

Much love,

Gen & Josh


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October 23, 2014
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